Welcome to the Rally Cap Program. As Baseball Canada launched this initiative nation-wide in 2006, we are pleased to introduce better tools for players and coaches in order to enhance their first experience with the game of baseball. 

For more information regarding the Rally Cap Program, check out http://www.baseball.ca/rally-cap-initiation-program or contact baseball@sportpei.pe.ca.

Rally Cap Program - Age 8U

The Rally Cap Program is an entry-level program designed to introduce children to the game of baseball, keeping them active and engaged while learning the skills of the game in a fun, safe and informative atmosphere. Associations will utilize the program developed by Baseball Canada.

Each team will consist of a minimum of 6 players (6 being the desired number). This allows for the formation of more teams, and more importantly, an increase in repetitions for the participants, thus allowing greater opportunity to increase skill development.

A Rally Cap session should last 75 minutes in duration. Three teams are present for the 75-minute session. The three teams have a 15-minute warmup before the "game”. Following warmup, two teams play a 20-minute game, while one team practices in the outfield. Every 20 minutes they switch so that each team plays two games and has one practice in the 60 minutes session.

During the season the teams will be working on five fundamentals of baseball. Twice during the season, the players will have opportunities to perform different skill tasks in order to earn a coloured Baseball Canada Rally Caps (hence the program name). Different coloured hats are achieved based on the level reached.

Rally Cap Program Information

Rally Cap Program - Pamphlet

Rally Cap Program - General Information

Rally Cap Program - Provincial Contact


Instructor Manuals

Rally Cap Program - Instructor Manual - White Cap
*Rally Cap Program - Instructor Manual - Grey Cap
*Rally Cap Program - Instructor Manual - Black Cap
*Rally Cap Program - Instructor Manual - Green Cap
*Rally Cap Program - Instructor Manual - Blue Cap
*Rally Cap Program - Instructor Manual - Red Cap

Report Card

Rally Cap Program - Report Card - Individual
*Rally Cap Program - Report Card - Team Summary

Practice Plans

Rally Cap Program -  Practice Plans - White & Grey Caps
*Rally Cap Program -  Practice Plans - Black & Green Caps
*Rally Cap Program - Practice Plans - Blue & Red