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Check Out Baseball PEI/Baseball Canada Resources at Baseball PEI Library

03/19/2020, 10:15am ADT
By Baseball PEI

Coaches and players – while you are at home practising social distancing and/or self-isolation, this is a perfect time to check out the various resources in the Baseball PEI Library!

Check it out at Within it, there are over 35 videos/documents on ways to improve players, coaching strategy, drills and so on. Also, we recommend you check out this Baseball PEI-produced documents – our Introductory Coaches Manual (, Catcher Training Manual ( and out Proper Throwing Mechanics in Baseball (

Also within our Baseball PEI Library is a directory of Baseball Canada videos for coaches. Over 100 videos are dealing with fundamentals and coaching drills, and over 100 Baseball Canada vlogs which deal with topics like specific rules, how to approach certain situations as a coach, tips for getting the most out of your players, and a great deal other situations. Check this out at

There are infinite sources for information for coaches and players online. This is a great time to learn more about the great game of baseball and we recommend starting with the Baseball PEI Library!

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