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Baseball PEI would like to thank all players, coaches, parents and minor baseball associations for a successful 2020 summer season, despite all of the changes and challenges posed by Covid-19!

With the season starting three-five weeks later than usual, the first baseball games took place on 26 June 2020. While there were several changes due to Covid-19 and restrictions and guidelines set forth by the CPHO of Prince Edward Island, each age category played a complete season and completed Provincial Championships. While Provincial Championships were in a different format than usual – most divisions had best-of-three quarterfinals and/or semifinals, with a one-game Final – Prince Edward Island was the only province in Canada that was able to complete Provincial Championships in baseball in 2020.

As well, five minor baseball associations across PEI saw growth in numbers of registered players, and starting on 26 September, seven minor baseball associations across PEI will be participating in Baseball PEI’s new Fall Baseball Pilot program for four-five weeks (with 27 teams taking part in four age categories). Despite challenging circumstances surrounding this season due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Baseball PEI has had a successful season, and that is down to the great work done by its membership!

With the completion with the last Provincial Championship on Sunday, 20 September, Baseball PEI would like to congratulate the following 2020 Provincial Champions and runners-up:

  • 18U “AA”
    • Provincial Champion: Capital District Islanders
    • Runner-up: Summerside Chevys
  • 18U “A”
    • Provincial Champion: Summerside Chevys Kirev
    • Runner-up: Capital District Murray
  • 15U “AAA”
    • Provincial Champion: Capital District Islanders
    • Runner-up: Eastern Express
  • 15U “AA”
    • Provincial Champion: Bedeque Blue Jackets
    • Runner-up: Western Mariners
  • 15U “A”
    • Provincial Champion: Charlottetown Royals
    • Runner-up: Summerside Chevys Howell
  • 13U “AAA”
    • Provincial Champion: Eastern Express
    • Runner-up: Summerside Chevys
  • 13U “AA”
    • Provincial Champion: Northside Cubs
    • Runner-up: Western Mariners
  • 13U “A”
    • Provincial Champion: Cornwall Cougars
    • Runner-up: Stratford Athletics Eveleigh
  • 11U “AAA”
    • Provincial Champion: Eastern Express
    • Runner-up: Summerside Chevys
  • 11U “AA”
    • Provincial Champion: Cornwall Cougars Hood
    • Runner-up: Western Mariners

In consultation with the Chief Public Health Office (CPHO), the Sport and Recreation division of the Department of Health, and Sport PEI, Baseball PEI and its minor baseball associations have created a plan for return-to-play for the 2020 summer season.

As outdoor team sports are permitted to be on the field on 1 June – as part of Phase #3 of the Renew PEI Together plan – Baseball PEI will be lifting its suspension of all activities on 1 June. This means that associations and groups are allowed on the field, provided they follow the rules laid out by the CPHO in regards to Phase #3. For example, during Phase #3, there can be a maximum of twenty (20) people at an outdoor gathering and physical distancing must take place. Baseball PEI and its minor baseball associations will follow the rules and guidelines set out by the CPHO. This means for the month of June, associations will conduct tryouts, practising and training in ways that have a maximum of twenty (20) people – including coaches and players – at the field at one time. Parents/guardians will drop off their children and either leave or wait in their vehicle to ensure that the maximum number of people in an outdoor gathering does not exceed twenty (20). Baseball PEI will not be scheduling any games during June.

According to the CPHO, the maximum number of people permitted in an outdoor gathering will rise from twenty (20) to a higher number on 1 July (that exact number is not yet known). As such, starting on 2 July, Baseball PEI will be scheduling regular-season games for July and August at all categories. There will be no tournaments on Prince Edward Island this summer except for Provincial Championships. Baseball PEI is also looking to hold Provincial Championships at the conclusion of the regular season; this may take place at the end of August or in early-to-mid September, depending on a few factors. Baseball PEI will announce the dates and formats of Provincial Championships for 11U “AA” and higher in mid-July.

With that being said, there will be many differences in baseball programming this summer. Some examples of this will be that certain game rules will be adjusted at all levels to maintain physical distancing and unintentional physical contact. Players will have to use their own gear, and in situations where gear must be shared (i.e. aluminium/composite bats, catcher’s gear), the gear must be thoroughly sanitized/disinfected before another player using it. Dugouts will only be allowed to have a certain number of people in them at one time, based on the length (for example, if a dugout is twenty (20) feet long, only a maximum of four people could be in the dugout at one time to maintain proper physical distancing), and anybody else on that team will have to be outside of the dugout. Dugouts will have to be sanitized after each game by the team using them. More time will be allotted between games and practices for teams to sanitize and leave the field before another group coming to the field. Parents/guardians/fans will have to drop off their child and watch from their vehicle and will not be able to go to the field to watch games/practices. Players/coaches cannot go to the field unless completely healthy. There will be no spitting, gum, sunflower seeds or anything that could produce droplets from the respiratory tract. The link to our Return-to-Play document can be found here:  (please note that this is subject to change, based on feedback/guidelines from the CPHO).

This is a time and situation that requires some fluidity and creativity. In some circumstances, it may be necessary to change rules and policies between now and the start of the regular season, and even into the regular season, based on the health and safety our players and members. As well, the membership of Baseball PEI should be aware that if there were to be a spike in cases in Covid-19 on PEI, our programming could be suspended instantly by order of government. It should also be noted that if there were issues with players, teams, parents/guardians and fans breaking physical distancing measures and/or maximum outdoor gathering rules at Baseball PEI-sanctioned activities, minor baseball associations and Baseball PEI could be subject to further warnings and even possible shutdown of activities if these issues take place multiple times. Now, more than ever, we need the Island baseball community to work hard and come together to ensure all rules and guidelines issued by Baseball PEI and the CPHO are met and followed, for players to have the best possible experience this summer.

Our goal is to maintain a balance between our children and young players having a fun and rewarding summer with their health and safety. At times, it can be a difficult balance, but Baseball PEI and its member associations are committed to this for the summer of 2020. There will be some added difficulties. It will involve constant vigilant reminders from parents, guardians and coaches to players about observing physical distancing and the modified rules in place. It will also involve parents/guardians having to drop off their young ballplayers and either leave or watch from their vehicle. It will involve changing habits that have been ingrained in many people for years, if not decades. However, at the end of the day, the focus is on the children of Prince Edward Island playing the great game of baseball enjoyably and safely this summer. During these difficult and unprecedented times, Baseball PEI is very excited to have the opportunity to offer baseball programming. To do this effectively, it will take efforts from all stakeholders, from Baseball PEI to minor baseball associations, umpires, players and coaches, parents and guardians. There will be challenges; however, the challenges are worthwhile for our children to play the great sport of baseball this summer. We expect the baseball community on PEI to rise to this challenge in order to provide fun and rewarding programming to our membership this summer.

In less than two weeks, let’s play ball!

CABA Lauching 2020 Online Registration

04/27/2020, 8:30am ADT
By Baseball PEI

From Jeremy MacNevin, Charlottetown and Area Baseball Association:

This year, CABA (Charlottetown and Area Baseball Association) will only be offering an on-line summer baseball registration process. There will not be an in-person registration process this year due to current COVID-19 restrictions. To register your child for the 2020 summer baseball program, please visit the attached link:


  • Registration of your child is all that is required for now with the payment of fees to be made at a later date via e-transfer. Registration is necessary now so that we can assess enrollment numbers, the number of teams required, and scheduling of ball fields. This will allow CABA the opportunity to be as prepared as possible so that we can start playing baseball as soon as permitted. As soon as we know that programming can go forward in some format, then registration fees will be collected via e-transfer confirming your child’s enrollment in our summer ball program. If we do not have your fees collected by the specified deadline date, then your child will not be permitted to participate in our summer ball program.
  • If registering for 3 or more family members, then CABA is offering a reduced family rate. Towards the end of the registration process, there will be an opportunity to use a promo code. For each child registration, please use “FAMILY” in the promo code field and the discount will be automatically applied. This is only applicable for 3 or more family members.

Once registered, we will be in touch regarding next steps. As soon as we know how the summer baseball programs will proceed for the summer, we will be sending out emails letting you know the details. We very much appreciate your cooperation with registration this year and apologize for any confusion this new process may provide. This is a transition year for our on-line registration process, and as such we will inevitably have bumps along the way. If you have any questions or problems with the registration process, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email. Finally, we are slow to get website/social media sites on-line for the ball association. So, please feel free to forward this email about registration to those you know who are new and interested in our summer programs.

For more information, I have summarized the various ball programs offered by CABA. They may be useful when registering your child in our on-line system.

Thank you




Fees for all aged groups and levels are as follows:

  • $145 for city residents within the CABA boundary (excluding Sherwood/ Parkdale area)
  • $160 for non-city residents outside CABA boundary


  • Given the circumstances and the possibility that we may be on the field later than normal, our summer ball program, including our team tryout process, may be somewhat different from past years. Any changes to programming, tryouts, schedules, and league formats that may be required will be communicated as soon as possible. As such, 2020 fees may be subject to change.

Charlottetown and Area Baseball Association 2020 Summer Baseball Program

  • 8U/Rally Cap (Year of Birth – 2013, 2014 and 2015)
    • The Rally Cap 8U program is an entry-level program designed to introduce children to the game of baseball, keeping them active and engaged while learning the skills of the game in a fun, safe and learning environment.
    • Modified games and practice sessions are offered two days per week. Field time and location to be determined.
    • Children will be provided with a t-shirt and ball cap. Equipment required: baseball glove, baseball helmet, sneakers or cleats, gym pants or ball pants and water bottle.
  • 9U (Year of Birth - 2011 and 2012)
    • This program builds on the skills developed in the Rally Cap program. This program is to prepare children for the competitive level of baseball. Games are more structured to traditional baseball rules, yet still modified to ensure games are an enjoyable developmental learning experience. Some away games are scheduled throughout the summer with other nearby baseball associations.
    • Two sessions per week (generally one practice and one game). Field time and location to be determined.
    • Jersey and ball cap provided. Equipment required: baseball glove, baseball helmet, grey-coloured ball pants, sneakers or cleats and water bottle.
  • CABA – Competitive League Baseball Programs
    • 11U (Year of Birth – 2009 and 2010)
    • 13U (Year of Birth – 2007 and 2008)
    • 15U (Year of Birth – 2005 and 2006)
    • 18U (Year of Birth – 2002, 2003 and 2004)
      • For each age group noted above, there are three levels of competitive teams: “AAA,” “AA” and “A” (18U will only have “AA” and “A” teams). A call for tryouts will be made first for the “AAA” level. Once those tryouts are complete, then the call for tryouts will be made for the “AA” team.
      • The “A” level program does not require a tryout process. If your child does not want to try out or is unsuccessful in the “AAA” or “AA” levels then they will automatically be placed into an “A” level team.
      • Practice one to two times per week with one to two games per week. Both home and away league games are scheduled for these age groups and levels. Travel for away games throughout the Island is required.
      • Field times and locations to be determined.
      • Ball jersey and ball cap provided. Equipment Required: baseball glove, baseball helmet, ball pants, baseball cleats and water bottle. Baseball bats are optional.