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Cornwall Minor Baseball Association

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The Cornwall and Area Ball Association believes that “EVERY PLAYER”, will be given a fair opportunity to compete for a position on a competitive team.  To ensure this, the assigned coaching staff must adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. No cuts shall be made till after the second tryout.
  2. Tryouts must be held over two separate weeks.  This will allow those who may have been ill, or away an opportunity to participate in the tryouts.
  3. Each player, if they choose, shall be given an opportunity to try for infield and outfield positions.
  4. Each player will be given an opportunity to hit.
  5. If the coach receives information that a player has not had a chance to tryout, that player will be given one chance to tryout, providing these conditions are met.
    1. The player in question must have a reasonable explanation for missing the previous tryouts.
    2. The final team roster has not been selected.
  6. All Players MUST be registered with their home associations before attending tryouts or going on the field.  NO EXCEPTIONS


  1. Teach your players the rules of the game.
  2. With young players, avoid over-playing those most talented.  In dealing with youngsters, active participation is all too important.  Those with average skills are often the most determined to succeed and are more team oriented.
  3. Be enthusiastic!  Stress the development of skills and participation more than winning.  Have fun on the field.  It will rub off on the players.
  4. Never embarrass a player in front of others.  Do not yell at the player or ridicule them.  Coach constructively.
  5. Be responsible with each player in your demands on his time and enthusiasm. 
  6. Be organized in your practices and in your games.
  7. Ensure equipment and facilities are safe and meet proper requirements.
  8. Develop respect and honesty with your players.  Create within each team member what your overall team’s goals are for the season.
  9. Be generous with your praise for effort, and set a good example for players and fans.
  10. Make a personal commitment to keep yourself organized and informed.  Sound principals of coaching leads to proper direction of all players.
  11. Remember that your local Association, Provincial Baseball Association, The Canadian Federation of Amateur Baseball, The Coaching Association of Canada, and many others have services and expertise to help you.
  12. Remember that you are responsible for your team both on and off the field until they leave for home.