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Baseball PEI Summer Clinics Program

What is the Summer Clinics Program?

  • The Baseball PEI Summer Clinics Program is a program offered by Baseball PEI in the summer where we have 2-4 baseball clinicians run a clinic for your team or group of children. We offer several clinics – “My First Pitch,” throwing, hitting, infielding, outfielding, catching, Rally Cap, et cetera.

Who are this years clinicians?

  • Logan MacDougall is the 2022 Summer Program Coordinator. He will be joined by 3 other summer clinicians: Jack MacKenzie, Ethan Francis, and Dawson McCormack.

When did the Summer Clinics Program start?

  • The Summer Clinics Program began in 2012 and has grown from four clinics offered during that first summer, to nearly 70 clinics being offered during the summer of 2022.

What age level is eligible for the Summer Clinics Program?

  • Any age level is eligible for a clinic through the Summer Clinics Program; however, most clinics take place for children who are 9U through 13U age. However, we are willing and available to do clinics for Rally Cap-aged children (8U) and 15U-aged players.

What is the Cost of a Clinic?

  • There is no cost for a clinic.

Why should I ask for a clinic from the Summer Clinic Program?

  • Baseball PEI has four trained clinicians who specialize in teaching fundamental and more technical aspects of baseball.

  • Players and coaches have a chance to learn something you may not have known.

  • Work on an area that may not be your specialty.

  • Have somebody different reiterating to your players the importance of the fundamentals you are teaching them.

How do I go about booking Baseball PEI for a clinic during the summer?

  • You can contact either Logan MacDougall ( or Dawson (

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